Angela & Tom at Parley Manor Christchurch

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I first met Angela and Tom eight months prior to their wedding, at their home in Christchurch, Dorset. They live in a nice quiet suburban road just outside the town centre. I was met at the door by Angela, Tom was waiting inside. They have the most beautiful large cats whom I fell in love with straight away. We were sitting chatting going through their ideas for the wedding when I casually ask if they had spoken to any other photographers where upon Angela had said that they had, a photographer from London who said that a great thing to do would be to trash the dress afterwards? What is that I asked? She said we would travel to his studio in London and throw coloured paint all over it and then rip it apart! This seems to be a trend in some parts of America. I told Angela & Tom this is not something I do she smiled and said we wouldn’t want that either.

Eight months past and the big day arrived, the ceremony was being held at Parley Manor Christchurch. Parley Manor is a beautiful Georgian Manor set in four acres of stunning Dorset parkland, near Bournemouth airport. The estate has immaculately kept English gardens which provide a picturesque background to any photos.

I arrived at Angela & Tom’s house to photograph bridal preparations, the hair stylist and makeup artist were already there and had started on Angela’s mum I went to work casually documenting the start of Angela’s great day, there was even a pigeon in the garden that Angela & Tom had rescued the day before Angela had named him, Jason. The cats were not allowed in the garden but I wanted to photograph them to as they were an important part of Angel and Tom’s life.

It was time to move on to the next part of the day. Tom was with his best men at a nearby pub, The Curlew, Tom and his friends were very mischievous enjoying the start of the day and playing tricks on each other. I took some photos then took Tom and his best men to Parley Manor to take some groomsmen pictures before the ceremony.

It was time for the wedding to begin but Angela was late where was she? She arrived 15 minutes late the bride’s prerogative. She looked stunning in her wedding dress, her father escorted her to the marquee, the wedding commenced.

What a lovely day and a massive thank you to Anglia & Tom for hiring me as their wedding photographer for their special day at a beautiful location a day I will not forget in a hurry. x

hair champagne smile happy
Bride with her bridesmaid and hair stylist at home before her wedding.
flower girl house brides
Flower girl at the brides home.
cat wedding shoes black
One of the Bride & Grooms lovely cats sits with the brides shoes
wedding dress bedroom
Angela’s wedding dress.
bride mum kitchen blackboard sign
Kitchen black board with the brides mum in the background.
bride brides maids
The bride in the garden on her way to the venue.
beer groom best man drink
The groom with his grooms men at the Curlew Pub Christchurch
groom best man
The groom enjoying himself with his grooms men and best man
bridge laugh groom mens
Groom and the grooms men laughing at the wedding venue.
groom manor wedding venue
Groom and best men at Parley Manor
groom best men brides mother
Tom, groom outside the wedding venue.
bride father wedding venue
Bride with her father outside the wedding venue.
bride wedding brother
The bride’s mother and brother waiting in Parley Manor
flower girls basket wedding
Flower girls in Parley Manor waiting for the bride.
groom watch best man
The groom checks the time while waiting for the bride
flower girls English garden
Bridal procession from the house
bride & groom ceremony
Bride arrives at her wedding ceremony
flower girl petals
One of the flower girls playing with flower petals
wedding guests kiss bride & groom
Bride and groom kiss in front of their guests viewed from the balcony.
confetti bride & groom grass manor
Angela & Tom under a shower of confetti
bride groom kiss
Angela & Tom kiss
groom bride welcome arms open
Tom with arms open to Angela
bride flowers throw thrown
Bride throws the bouquet
bride groom grounds swing chair
The bride & groom relax in a swinging chair in the grounds of the reception.
bride & groom wedding dress
The bride & groom standing in the grounds of Parley Manor
wedding venue bride groom
Angela & Tom at Parley Manor Christchurch.
bride groom framed doorway bricks
Bride & Groom framed in a garden doorway Parley Manor
laughing fun speech reception breakfast
Guests laugh at the best man’s speech Parley Manor
fun guests running
Guests having fun at Angela & Tom’s wedding
dance lights bride wedding
The first dance with the bride.


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