Lauren & Michael’s stunning Braxted Park Summer Wedding.

wedding, bride, groom

I hadn’t heard of Braxted Park before I had a website enquiry from Lauren.
Little did I know what a stunning country estate it is. A Queen Anne Style country house set in 2,000 acres of styled landscaped gardens near the village of Great Braxted, Essex.

I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with the wedding venue but I did. It’s a stunning historic house with sprawling grounds in Essex, featuring stunning walled gardens, a stunning Orangery and loads of quirk and charm. That meant it suited Lauren and Michael down to the ground as it presented a beautiful backdrop for all of their creative wedding plans.

After cutting the cake and shimmying through their first dance as husband and wife, it was time for some serious dancing. Mike turned his attention to their guests while Lauren hit the dance floor in a BIG WAY the guests were right behind her, pulling shapes the whole night long.

young, guest,
A young guest relaxes before the wedding ceremony.
wedding, dress,
The wedding dress hangs nicely at the Braxted Park Essex wedding venue.
shoes, wedding, bride,
Brides wedding shoes.
iron, wedding, dfrress,
Bride’s mum irons the wedding dress while talking to an elderly relative.
relative, wedding, guests.
An elderly wedding guest admires the wedding dress.
hair, make up,
Hair and make up with the bridal party.
mum, iron, ironing, the, dress
The bride’s mum makes the final touches to the wedding dress.
dress, hangs, page, boys, suite,
The bride’s dress hangs in the bridal suite Braxted Park Essex,Wedding Photographer.
celebrate, prosecco,
One of the brides maids opens a bottle or champagne.
bouquet, flowers,
The brides flower bouquet.
look, makeup,
Bride makes finally checks.
hair, bride,
Bride with her hair stylist.
emotion, mum,
Emotional mum with her beautiful daughter.
bride, mum, kiss,
The bride and mum great each other just before the wedding ceremony at Braxted Park, Essex Wedding photography.
neckless, mum, bride, wedding,
The brides mum places the neckless around her neck.
The bride sporting her tiara.
bride, hair,
Bridal hair and final touches.
wedding, room,
The ceremony room, at The Orangery Braxted Park.
groom, prep, best, man,
The groom and his best man get ready for his wedding.
groom, prep,
Groom prep in the cottage at Braxted Park.
shoes, groom, grooms,
The groom’s shoes.
groom, prep, wedding,
The groom getting ready for his wedding.
wedding, ring, rings
The wedding rings.
groom, prep,
Mike, the groom getting ready for his wedding.
wedding, guests,
Wedding guests.
harp, harpist,
Harpist at Lauren and Mikes wedding.
dress, wedding,
Mum makes the final touches to the wedding dress.
mum, emotiuon,
The bride’s mum gets emotional at the wedding ceremony.
bide, dress, weding
Ladies and Gentleman the Bride!
wedding, bride, mum, registrars,
The bride has her interview with the registrars.
groom, mum, sit, wedding, ceremony,
The groom waits with his mum for the start of the wedding ceremony.
wedding, bride,
Bride waits for the start of the wedding ceremony.
groom, best, man
The groom and his best man standing in the ceremonial room.
mum, of the, bride,
The brides mum feels the emotion of the day, while walking down the aisle with her son.
bride, father, giving, away
Here comes the bride with her father.
first, look, bride, groom,
First look.
veil, wedding
The bride lifts her wedding veil at Lauren and Mike’s wedding.
wedding, ceremony
The wedding ceremony.
wedding, ceremony, bride, and, groom,
The wedding ceremony at Braxted Park with Lauren and Mike.
emotion, bride, mum, crys,
The bride’s mum gets emotional during the wedding ceremony.
wedding, ceremony, best man,
The best man waits to bring the rings to the bride and groom.
bestman, rings,
The best man brings the rings to the bride and groom.
rind, wedding,
Wedding ring.
kiss, wedding, bride, groom
First kiss at the wedding ceremony.
bride, groom, emotion,
The bride comforts the groom at an emotional wedding ceremony.
bridal, party, groom, bride, mum, dad, bestman,
The bridal party.
group, shot, photo, wedding, guests
Group shot of all the wedding guests at Lauren and Michael’s wedding.
bride, groom, door way
Lauren and Mike stand in the doorway of their wedding venue Braxted Park in Essex.
kiss, wedding, venue
Bride and groom share a kiss outside Braxted Park wedding venue.
confetti, flowers, wedding,
Confetti being thrown at the bride and groom.
bride, groom, garden, walk
Bride and groom stroll through the stunning gardens at Braxted Park wedding venue.
party, fun, kid, baby,
Guests and their children have a good time at Lauren and Michael’s wedding.
top, table, speech,
Top table speeches with the groom and brides father.
groom, speech, laughter,
The groom’s speech at the top table.
bride, father, dad, wedding,
The bride’s father at the wedding breakfast.
Guest, wedding, breakfast,
One of Lauren and Michael’s guests at their wedding breakfast.
drive, house, mansion,
Bride and groom stroll down the tree lined drive at Braxted Park.
cake, wedding, cut, cut, cutting
The bride and groom cut the cake.
first, dance, dancing,
The bride and groom take the dance floor for the first time at their wedding.
brides, mum,reaction,
The bride’s mum reacts to having her picture taken.
wedding, dance, family,
Wedding guests dance at Lauren and Mikes wedding.
fun, dance, wedding, cool,
Guests enjoying a dance at Lauren and Micael’s wedding.
bride, dance, floor, wedding
The bride enjoys dancing with her guests at her wedding.
dance, funky, wedding, fun,
Wedding guests enjoy the dancing. Lauren and Mikes wedding.
bride, groom, first, kiss
Lauren and Mike take time to have a quick kiss on then dance floor.
dance, dj, disco
Lauren have a great time on the dance floor with her friends during the wedding reception.

There was so much emotion on the day and it was such a fun wedding to photograph, thank you Lauren and Michael and congratulations again!


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