As I turned the corner passing the large wooden gates along the short drive, the magnificent Taplow House came into view. Built in 1751 and altered in 1800 and 1840. The preceded building was completely burnt down in about 1660. The cellars still bear scorch marks from that fire.
I knew I would love photographing Nic and Andy’s wedding here. This would be the type of magnificent place that you stumbled across once in a while and never grow tired of photographing .
The ceremony room was being decorated by Alison and her two friends they all work with Nic and Andy at the school who both school teachers. I always love meeting new people and the three ladies made me feel very welcome. The incredible unique black and white with a red themed decor was perfect for Nic and Andy’s wedding giving an incredible romantic feel.
It was time to start; Andy had arrived, Nic was getting ready with her bridesmaids and parents in one of the sumptuous rooms, the dress was stunning! There was even going to be a magician.

hotel house wedding reception

Nic and Andy’s Wedding Taplow House

bride groom Wedding

Letter box Nic & Andy’s Wedding

Red flowers bouquet

Red flowers bouquet

bride and groom dress wedding

The bride’s mum removes the dress from the car.

dress bride coat hanger

The bride’s wedding dress hanging on a coat stand

groom tie red waistcoat

The groom fastens his waistcoat

groom mirror handsome reflection

Groom checking out how he looks

wedding shoes red

The brides red shoes

bride smile selfie photo phone

Bride selfie

red flowers flower

The flower girl’s red flowers

bride bridesmaids dress smile

The bride and her bride’s maids.

bride father arrive walk aisle

Bride’s father brings his daughter to the alter!

bride groom best man ring

Exchange of rings

tears cry crying wedding guests

Tears at the wedding

bride groom kiss marriage

Bride & groom wedding kiss.

bride groom married bouquet

Bride & groom married.

groom bride sun glasses

The groom with the bride reflected in his sun glasses.

bride wedding guests fun smile

Bride with one of her guests

bride guests group shot

All the guests pose for the group shot while the bride & groom kiss.

groom men groom

The grooms men point at the groom.

bride groom kiss cuddle

The bride and groom cuddle and kiss.

shine sparkle tiara bride

The brides tiara sparkles in the sun light.

kiss bride groom

Bride and groom kiss on the lawn of Taplow House.

bride groom Taplow House

Bride and groom pose on the lawn of Taplow House.

wedding magician bride

A magician entertains at Nic & Andy’s wedding

bride laugh smiles fun wedding

The bride laughs at her wedding

guests smile wedding

Guests with the bride & groom at their wedding.

Fabulous wedding cake

Fabulous wedding cake

Decorations on the top table.

Decorations on the top table.

bride father speech

The bride’s father makes a very funny speech.

mirror bride groom

Bride and groom reflected in a mirror

Laughter fun wedding breakfast

Laughter and fun at the wedding breakfast

Laughter wedding breakfast

Laughter and fun at the wedding breakfast

laugh bride fun

Bride Laughs and has fun at the wedding breakfast

kiss bride and groom wedding breakfast

The bride and groom kiss during the wedding breakfast

dance first dancing

The first dance with the bride & groom

A big massive thank you to Nic and Andy for letting me be part of their very special day. Paul x