The first time I met Sue was at the reception of the hotel where she was staying. Prior to that I spoke to her and her fiancé Jason by phone. They had booked me just one month before the wedding as the friend they had asked to do their wedding pictures could no longer do it. I arrived at the hotel where Sue and the wedding guests were staying. Hitchin Priory which is an old Carmelite monastery built in 1317, set in 19 acres of parkland. I asked the receptionist if she could contact Sue for me, as I spoke a tiny voice behind me said “Are you looking for me”. Sue and her bride’s maids were running late so she asked me if I wouldn’t mind waiting 20 minutes before going to her room to photograph the bridal preparations. I grabbed a coffee then 20 minutes later went to her room. The room was  very small, inside were 4 bridesmaids and her mum. Sue’s attention to detail was amazing, from the bouquets to all the little knickknacks. Sue and Jason did all the decorating and planning themselves as I was later to find out when I went to Letchworth Centre, in Hitchin to photograph the wedding breakfast. The bridal room was in the normal state of chaos with make up on the bed, necklaces on the table and dresses hanging in the wardrobe and by the window. I love being in a room where there is so much activity and there definitely was a lot going on in Sue’s room! It was great getting to know Sue and her family in this way.

I took my final pictures of Sue and her bridesmaids then started the 50-minute car journey to Bishops Stortford for the wedding ceremony. I met Jason and his best man Dave for the first time. After the ceremony it was back to Hitchen for the wedding breakfast this time at The Letchworth Centre. Sue, Jason and many of the guests had worked late into the night before to decorate the venue it looked amazing, they went for a rural rustic feel. The centre is set in 8 acres of natural woodland ideal for Sues & Jason love of nature and on top of that they had hired a bouncy castle for the grownups!!

dress bride

Bride’s dress hangs in the bridal room.

shoe shoes bride

Bride’s shoes

neckless wedding

Coloured theme knickknacks at Sue & Jason’s wedding

dress dresses window

Dresses hang in front of the window

Bride getting ready for her wedding

Bride getting ready for her wedding

bride wedding makeup

Bride getting ready for her wedding

bride make up wedding

Bride gets ready

bride father bridesmaids

Bride, bridesmaids, her father and the in laws smile & wave in the bridal suite.

groom best man wedding

Groom with his best man waiting for the wedding party to arrive

bride brides maids father

Bride and her entourage Bishops Stortford

bride father groom

The bride’s father walks the bride down the aisle.

smile smiling bride groom wedding

Happy bride & groom

Best man hands the rings to the groom.

Best man hands the rings to the groom.

registrar wedding bride groom

Signing the register, Sue & Jason’s wedding.

confetti bride groom

Confetti thrown at the bride & groom as the leave the registry office Bishops Stortford.

order of the day

Order of the day Sue and Jason’s wedding

doilies table plan

Unique table plan Sue & Jason’s wedding Letchworth House.

bride groom umbrella rain

Bride and groom greeted by guest with confetti.

confetti wet rain bride groom happy laughing

Happy bride during the confetti shot.

bride guests umbrella rain venue

Bride enters the venue from the rain to greet her guests.

umbrella bride groom

The happy bride at her wedding

tables wedding breakfast

Some of the decorations on the tables at Sue & Jason’s wedding

table wedding decorations

Some of the decorations on the table at Sue & Jason’s wedding

wedding breakfast

Some of the decorations on the table at Sue & Jason’s wedding

sign wooden

Love sign at the wedding reception.

bride groom woods walk

Bride and groom stroll through the woods after their wedding.

just married bride groom

The newly wed couple

bride groom pose shed garden

Bride and groom pose in a garden shed

tree trees bride groom

Bride and groom under a canopy in the woods

laugh bride wedding

Laughing bride with guests

jump bride bouncy castle

Bride with friends on the bouncy castle

bride groom wedding reception

Wedding reception Bride & groom

70s bride groom wedding sign

Retro wedding sign

wedding bride net curtains

The bride looks through the net curtains during her wedding.

bride groom guests dinner

Sue and Jason talk to their guests

balloons decorations reception

Decorations during Sue & Jason’s wedding

bride groom dance

Bride & groom first dance

guests glasses photo booth

Guests play in the photo booth.

I had a great time photographing Sue and Jason’s wedding, I truly hope you enjoy the photos in this blog as much as I did taking them.

Thank you Sue and Jason xx