Sylviane & Francis dance FEST wedding.

One cold dark afternoon in February I set the satnav and off we went. I was only going to Wandsworth which is less than 10 minutes from my house. I was meeting an incredible French-African couple, Sylviane and Francis. Little did I know this wedding was going to be a danceFEST of glorious celebration! We met in a quirky little coffee shop near the church where they were due to marry in June. I loved the plans they had for the day and I just knew I wanted to be their wedding photographer.
Skip forward four months and I met Sylviane in the hotel for bridal prep with her incredible family. As always such a lot going on, from new born babies receiving heaps of cuddles from gran to the men not sure how to tie a Windsor Knot. I love documenting these scenes and blending into the background (yes even at 6’ 2” that is possible)!

Sylviane Francis-27

Sylviane Francis-35

Sylviane Francis-44

Sylviane Francis-64

Sylviane Francis-116

Finally, it was time to drive to St Anne’s church, Wandsworth a Grade II listed church built in Greek revival style an incredible looking building where I was to meet Francis, the groom and the rest of the guests.

Sylviane Francis-151

Sylviane Francis-172

Sylviane Francis-187

Sylviane Francis-201

Sylviane Francis-214

Sylviane Francis-302

Sylviane Francis-307

Sylviane Francis-369

Sylviane Francis-401

After the ceremony and a lot of mingling, bubbles and group shots in front of the church, we set off to Battersea Park to do more awesome shots, it was a glorious sunny day, we had the photo permit and we were set to go. Time was against us though, we were running slightly late so before we knew it, it was time to head back to the Rolls and set off to Wandsworth Civic Centre ready for the party to begin and boy did they party!

Sylviane Francis-453

Sylviane Francis-415

Sylviane Francis-457

Sylviane Francis-521

Sylviane Francis-529

Sylviane Francis-679

Sylviane Francis-687

Sylviane Francis-703

Sylviane Francis-839

Sylviane Francis-867

Sylviane Francis-905

Sylviane Francis-919

Not only was there dancing but there was pre-dancing to the dancing! Even the cake cutting had a pre-dance and the first dance had a pre-dance dance it was amazing! The whole day was an incredible feast of fun and celebration. I think I must have lost 2 stone! I loved every minute, thank you so much for letting me be part of your special day. Paul xx


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